Consider this when Selling an Older Dallas/Fort Worth home

Selling an older home in Dallas/Fort Worth? If your home needs repairs, or your facing foreclosure for any reason, Browder Property Investments, LLC will buy your home quickly.

If you are looking to sell your home, but don’t want to mess with costly repairs, or want to avoid paying realtor commission, we will buy your home directly from you, and we’ll buy it quickly. Older homes can often be more hassle than the average homeowner is willing to deal with. We are prepared to buy your older home as-is. This means you won’t have to worry about addressing these costly repairs. If you’re worried about being able to sell your home because of some of these common issues, give us a call, or contact us and we will schedule an appointment to come look at your home. In most cases, we will be prepared to make you an offer on the spot. This could save you considerable time and energy when it comes to selling your home. And when you sell a home to Browder Property Investments, LLC, you can sell AS-IS.

Some common issues with older homes that might prevent you from listing with a real estate agent include:

    1. Foundation issues

      Foundation problems can lead to costly repairsThe foundation when unstable can cause a multitude of problems, including making the home more difficult to sell because of foundation damage. These foundation problems can often mean costly repairs for the homeowner. The signs to look out for that can indicate serious foundation issues are:

      • Cracks in the bricks
      • Door or windows that do not close
      • Gaps in ceiling
      • A floor slab that is uneven or sagging
      • Mold
      • Cracks in chimney or fireplace

      Most cracks are visible around the beams and slabs on close inspection. Mold and mildew can be a problem wherever there is moisture. Sometimes, it can be difficult to detect mold as it can be contained within the walls initially. Molds can cause allergies and skin infections if not addressed. If the house is well ventilated, molds may not progress to the point of being a major inconvenience.

    2. Water damage is an issue that will only get worse over timeWater logging

      Texas is not much higher than sea level and ground water can be found even at 10 feet depth in most areas. Moisture at foundation levels can also mean buildings can sink or shift. To know if there has been any considerable sinking of the house from original foundation, listing your home with a real estate agent will often require the homeowner to hire an inspector. If there are signs that indicate that repairs have been carried out on the foundation, the owner will likely need to spend a considerable amount before they are able to sell their home.

    3. Plumbing concerns

      One of the most common issues with an older home is outdated and damaged plumbing. Over time, pipes and drains will wear out and become damaged. In many cases, this is another issue that the homeowner may be responsible for repairing before they have any hope of selling their home. To fix plumbing problems correctly, the homeowner will likely need to hire a licensed and experienced plumber, which can be expensive. When selling a home to Browder Property Investments, LLC, the homeowner does not need to worry about these costly repairs. We will buy your home as-is, meaning you won’t have any out of pocket costs to sell your home. This can be highly beneficial if you want to avoid any costly expenses to get rid of your older home.

    4. Termite damage can sometimes mean entire walls and rooms must be rebuiltTermites

      Old houses are particularly susceptible to termite infestation. Any woodwork that has been chewed at can be a sign of termites or other insects as well. If you sell with an agent, a termite inspection will be required. For most homebuyers, signs of termites will be an immediate red flag, and more often than not will lead to a contract falling through. Once again, selling your home to Browder Property Investments, LLC is an easy way to avoid this problem entirely.

    5. Fixtures that are outdated

      If you’ve lived in a home for a significant amount of time and haven’t made any updates in a while, you might find yourself in for a long and drawn out struggle to sell your home. Many buyers will want to purchase a home that is move-in ready, and won’t even consider purchasing a home with outdated fixtures or appliances. This could lead to contract negotiations that will significantly reduce your home’s value. By the time you lower your price to an acceptable amount, and pay realtor commissions, you will likely find yourself with a much smaller profit than you had anticipated. Less profit with a slow and drawn out transaction time? Why put yourself through the stress, when you could sell your home immediately?

    6. Electrical system

      Checking the electrical system is a job best left to professionals, and in most cases will involve city permits and costly repair bills. When you sell with a realtor to a buyer who is financing their purchase, electrical issues are non-negotiable. If you have outdated wiring that isn’t up to code, then it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t be able to sell your home without spending the money to have the repairs done. Much like plumbing issues, to have electrical problems fixed correctly, you’re looking at a substantial investment. Sell your home to Browder Property Investments, LLC and avoid this added expense entirely. Let us deal with the hassle of these costly repairs, and sell your home quickly.

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