Why You Should Invest In A Real Estate In North Texas?

There are various locations in North Texas that have become hot spots for industry professionals and entrepreneurs alike. So, it’s not surprising that there’s no shortage of investors in Dallas/Fort Worth. North Texas is one of those areas in the United States that is witnessing growth at an incredibly fast pace. If you’re considering adding some Dallas/Fort Worth properties to your investment portfolio, check out our latest available listings

Lucrative job opportunities and heavy concentration of industries are two of the top reasons why there have been high appreciations in property prices. There is no wonder that Dallas/Fort Worth has become an excellent mix of a strong real estate market and a powerful economy.

North Texas has been drawing investors from just about everywhere who have started realizing that this is the right real estate market for them to put their money.

Statistics say that approximately 11 percent of home purchases by international investors take place in Texas. In fact, according to a statement issued by the Texas Association of Realtors, over $11 billion has been contributed by international buyers in Texas economy through home sales in 2013 and 2014 alone. With the uncontested growth in the Dallas/Fort Worth real estate market, these numbers are significantly increasing year over year.

The massive influx of new corporate headquarters, and a growth that new builders are unable to keep pace with has created the perfect storm for real estate investors, provided they are savvy and experienced enough to get their money into the right properties.

If you’re looking for specific examples of what has led Dallas/Fort Worth to become one of the premier real estate markets in the US, here are just a few:

Massive population growth

The population in the North Texas has been witnessing a high population growth and is tipped to experience a similar growth in the coming years. According to an estimate, there will be around 1 to 2 million people by the year 2020 who are likely to make North Texas their home and this trend seems to be unstoppable as of now. With industry giants such as Toyota, Boeing, State Farm, and Kubota making significant investments in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, North Texas boasts one of the most diverse professional markets in the country – which requires a significant workforce.

Growth in economy

There are several companies that have opted to choose Dallas in Texas as the headquarters for their offices. Out of these companies, twenty-one of them are Fortune 500 companies. Both Dallas/Fort Worth and Texas boast a favorable climate to do business and this is one of the key factors that are driving the positive growth. It has also been an important contributor to bring in more people to the region in search of attractive job opportunities. With cities like Plano, Grapevine, and Fort Worth providing valuable incentives for big businesses, the Dallas/Fort Worth economy has seen significant investment from some of the biggest industry players.

Relatively reasonable property prices

Though lending terms have become tighter since the recession, and interest rates are starting to go up, people are still able to buy homes. In Texas, the costs of real estate is much more reasonable in comparison to the real estate market in the West Coast or booming areas such as Denver or larger regions on the East Coast. In these areas real estate investors usually paid more and got less. North Texas investors can get bigger homes in Dallas/Fort Worth for the same price they would have paid for smaller properties in similar areas.

Reliable and reasonable suburb to city commutes

While you can’t argues that Dallas/Fort Worth can have some brutal traffic, it’s important to note that the suburban areas of DFW are easily accessible for those who want the benefits of working in a large city, but want to raise families in suburban environments. Although you can expect to spend some time in traffic, the overall transit infrastructure in DFW is certainly not as bad as it could be, with multiple large-scale projects in the works to ease some of the strain from expected new movers. Rush hour commutes are bad anywhere, but an appeal of North Texas is on weekends, you are a 30 minute drive from just about anything you might want to do. From the well-known professional sports teams, to family-friendly theme parks and world-class entertainment, Dallas/Fort Worth has a lot to offer its residents.

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